Our Story

Fat Knuckle Freddy is a composer and guitarist. Fat Knuckle Freddy specializes in slide guitar and composes in the style of the American Primitive, Avante-Garde & Pyschobilly Punk Blues. FKF resides in the Sprague Delta on the Southside of Portland, ME.

When playing slide, either on a fretted or fretless guitar, FKF uses 72et, 72 notes to an octave, to adjust his chords and melodies to be more in tune. or more out of tune. This also gives more options harmonically and melodically.

Musicians shouldn't be restricted to one style of music. FKF surely is not. Whether you want some "haunting "solo 3 string guitar music, go on a "remarkably expressive journey" with instrumental guitar, or some "growling" pyschobilly punk blues with his drummer, FKF has something for you.