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Fat Knuckle Freddy is not your typical artist as he has a split musical personality.

Personality One is as a solo guitarist playing acoustic guitar, specifically a National M1 Baritone Tricone, and cigar box guitars in the style of American Primitive, which was coined by the late John Fahey. The music is intimate while being "hauntingly beautiful" at the same time. FKF uses a slide to obtain the true primitive sound while incorporating influences from classical composers.

Personality Two is a singer and slide guitarist playing fretless and cigar box guitars with a drummer. The duo is a cross between rock -n- roll and blues known as Graveyard Blues or Demon Crossroad Blues. FKF's fretless guitars are unique as they have a bass string added to the open tuning, which fills out the duo's sound and gives the illusion of a bass player. The influences for the duo are Mississippi Fred McDowell, Hound Dog Taylor and The House Rockers, RL Burnside, John Lee Hooker and Black Sabbath. The duo is known for playing three hour sets without a break. They are the bastard sons of Hound Dog Taylor and Black Sabbath.

Fat Knuckle Freddy's split personalities do not play together. They require different venues and settings.

Fat Knuckle Freddy got his name when he broke and dislocated his fretboard pinkie at the middle knuckle. It's now the size of a thumb knuckle and points a few degrees outward. This gives FKF a little extra stretch on the fretboard but he mostly covers it with his stunning slide.


Live Videos and Updates! 

Hello Knuckleheads!

On 9/1/18, Feels Like Media filmed FKF and drummer Timothy "BB" Webber live, on the patio, at Amigos, Portland, ME. This was a long time coming and FLM captured the chaotic raw energy of our performance. There's a total of five videos. "No Love" is on the website, YouTube and Facebook. FKF is playing a fretless slide guitar, with an octave bass string. Fretless slide cigar box guitar. Fretted slide baritone cigar box guitar. Shovelcaster aka 3 string slide shovel guitar. And fretless slide cigar box guitar with octave bass string.

What is a fretless slide guitar with an octave bass string? I'm glad you asked. FKF doubles his low guitar string, with a bass string an octave lower, so it thickens the sound and gives the illusion of a bass player in a duo format. So, check out "No Love" , subscribe to FKF's Youtube page (link on website) and be ready for the next video release.

Also, FKF just finished recording his solo American Primitive tour de force. Over 60 minutes of solo acoustic guitar music on a National M1 Tricone Baritone Guitar. The most haunting and beautiful guitar in the world. This has been a work in progress for a very long time. Sample videos will be released on instagram. CD Release some time in the new year.


On 1/20/18, I recorded and released BONES, instrumental music for fretless 3 string guitar in 72et. What’s 72et? It stands for 72 equal temperament, meaning 72 notes to the octave, 6 notes to a half step. The 12 standard notes are still present. Why do this? Because it gives me the ability to tune my notes very closely with nature aka just intonation. I do this all the time when I play slide but since I’m playing a fretless on this recording, I can finger the adjusted notes as well.

Just because I’m using microtones, that doesn’t mean the music sounds like the greatest hits from some alien planet. Let me explain. Take the 12 notes and divide them into a 100c (cents) each. A just major third, one that sounds beautiful is 386c. An equal tempered third is 400c, 14c sharper than nature. This is usually the big problem on all guitars, the major 3rd is out of tune. The smallest interval in 72et is 16c. So, when I play a major 3rd with my slide, I flat it from ET by 16c as a guide and use my ear to tune it properly. So, most of the times, I’m probably 14c flat, but why be so specific? I just need a guide to get me there and 72et does the job.

A just minor third is 316c and an ET 3rd is 300c, 16c flat. This is why every blues guitarist bends that minor 3rd up. The so called sweet spot. Well, that sweet spot has a name, meaning a just minor 3rd, the right note. So, with my slide, I play 16c sharper than ET and I get the just minor 3rd. If you’re playing slide guitar, you can do this on a fretted guitar as well as a fretless. 

So, as a guide this is how you can adjust your notes to sound sweeter. Minor 3,6 & 7 up 16c. Major 3,6 & 7 down 16c. Augmented 4 down 16c. Diminished 5 up 33c. Depending on the melody note or chord prior and following, minor 2 up 16c. Major 2 down 16c. 

I do this to all scales, including the blues scale. 

Here’s the link to the EP on bandcamp. Stream it with the app, or buy it for $3. That’s right a whopping $3 for 72 notes to the octave. Sounds like a deal to me.




Dig My Blues!-Available at Bandcamp 

Target On My Chest-Available at Bandcamp 


Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi Dual CD Release at Portland House Of Music  

Fat Knuckle Freddy will be releasing two CD's on 10/27/17 at Portland House Of Music and Events (PHOME)., Portland, ME. The Hi-Fi , "Target On My Chest" features cigar box guitars and BB Webber on drums. Recorded at Pigcat Studios, Portland, ME by Scott Webber. The Lo-Fi, "Dig My Blues" is solo with all songs on a Shovelcaster, 3 string shovel guitar, vocals through a telephone microphone and a license plate stomped for percussion. Recorded at Brass Knuckle Studios by FKF.

Special guests will be Clara Junken and her band and Meanmugg.

$8 in advance. $10 day of show. For more information click on events.

Introducing The Shovelcaster! 

A sample of a new video project. Sugar Woman performed on a 3 string shovel guitar through a Pignose fuzz pedal, directly into a bass speaker. Vocals via telephone microphone into a Pignose amp. Percussion is a Maine license plate. Music and lyrics by Fat Knuckle Freddy. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. 

The Legend Of John Von Bern (The Minute Sessions) Limited Release! 

The Legend Of John Von Bern is now available on Bandcamp. 15 instrumentals with 15 bonus videos. Buy now for $4! 

2017 UPDATES! 

Two new recordings are coming. One with new drummer, BB Webber. We're mixing right now and hope to release in August. I'm only playing cigar box guitars and it has vocals.The recording is exceeding expectations. 

The second is The Legend Of John Von Bern (The Minute Sessions). I distilled my acoustic guitar instrumentals to about a minute long. It's 15 instrumentals lasting about 18 minutes. Originally, the instrumentals were about an hours worth of music. I did a video release. The video playlist is above. Please follow FKF on Bandcamp for all new releases. 



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Previous events

Fat Knuckle Freddy at Amigos!

Amigos Mexican Restaurant, 9 Dana St, Portland

The final show at Amigos on the patio. It's the fall but it's nice. Young Brett on drums. The official goodbye to the Summer Patio Series. Original Graveyard Blues. "This ain't your Grandaddy's blues, kid."

Fat Knuckle Freddy at Amigos!

Amigos Mexican Restaurant, 9 Dana St, Portland

FKF will be live on the Amigos Patio for the Summer Series. Bone Shaking, Original Demon Graveyard Blues. Watch us play non-stop for three hours. BB Webber on drums. This show will be filmed for posterity purposes. FREE!!!!!!!

Pinups For Pitbulls

Broken Crow Collective, 594 Congress St, Portland, Me 04101

Join us as we celebrate the release of the Pinups for Pitbulls 2018 Calendar featuring Jolene DiVine, along with her dog Marty McFly! Jolene is the very first from Maine to be chosen as a PFPB Brand Ambassador and has worked hard over the past year as Team Leader, creating her own advocacy team and participating in events to further the mission of Pinups for Pitbulls.

Meet Jolene DiVine and her team of volunteers, purchase the 2018 calendar and have it signed! We're also planning a silent art auction, local libations and musical entertainment from Fat Knuckle Freddy! Stay tuned for more info.

About... Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that works to educate the public about the history and temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier and pit bull-type dogs and to raise awareness about Breed Specific Legislation and Discriminatory Laws. Our mission is to reestablish the defamed reputation of pit bull-type dogs as America’s premiere companion animal, war hero and therapy dog. FMI: www.pinupsforpitbulls.org

Hi-FI/Lo-Fi Dual CD Release! W/ Clara Junken & Meanmugg

Portland House Of Music, 25 Temple St, Portland, ME 04101

Fat Knuckle Freddy's Dual CD Release Show With Clara Junken & Meanmugg. Featuring Timothy "BB" Webber on drums. Tickets $8 advanced. $10 Day of show. 21+. 9: FKF solo with Shovelcaster (Lo-Fi) 10:Clara Junken 11: FKF w/ BB Webber (Hi-Fi) 12:Meanmugg FKF is releasing two CD's. "Target On MY Chest" is with BB Webber on drums and FKF playing cigar box guitars, one fretless, one fretted baritone. "Dig My Blues" is solo with all tunes on the Shovelcatser, 3 string shovel guitar. Don't miss this event.

Fat Knuckle Freddy

 —  —

WMPG Local Motives, Radio 90.9, Portland

I'll be performing live on WMPG's Local Motives both solo and with a drummer playing songs from Sweet Requiems On A Hot Summer Night and Angels On Your Pillow/Devils In My Head. 90.9 in the greater Portland area or stream at www.wmpg.org

Fat Knuckle Freddy

 —  —

Blue, 650A Congress St, Portland, ME

Last First Tuesday before switching to second Friday in April. Solo 12 string, weissenborn, fretless, baritone or 3 string cigar box guitars. Maybe some vocals too.

Fat Knuckle Freddy CD Release!!!

Blue, 650A Congress St, Portland, ME

Fat Knuckle Freddy will be releasing his new recording "Sweet Requiems On A Hot Summer Night" on 9/21/16 at Blue. FKF will be joined by the following fabulous musicians: Samuel James, D. Gross & Frank Fotusky. We will be trading mini sets and then ending with a song together.